Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

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Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist.

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3 New Leaftonites
17 days ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 08:36:55 PM

Hello, all! As we're learning your names and becoming a little more acquainted with you, we'd like to acquaint you to a few of the townsfolk in Leafton. We're highly excited for you to meet these charismatic Leaftonites below:

Mr. Mayor

From a very early age Mr. Mayor (his actual name) understood his destiny and knew just what he wanted to be when he grew up: a seamstress. Unfortunately, his thick fingers and poor eyesight made him far too clumsy for such exacting work. After sewing his mustache into the sleeve of a cotton jacket he was attempting to make, he knew he was not cut out for it and had to give up on his dream. 

Despite being unable to design clothes himself he never lost his love for fashion. He was well-known throughout Leafton as the snappiest dresser in town and would receive compliments on his sharp appearance daily. Adoring the attention, Mr. Mayor thought of a profession that would allow him to interact with crowds of Leaftonites every day and really shine in the public spotlight: professional greeter at the local market. Unfortunately, that position was already held by a Mr. Willow, who wasn't interested in giving up his post any time soon. 

One night while in a deep despair, not sure what direction to go with his life, he opened up the daily newspaper and flipped to the politics section. His eyes widened and it felt like the stars had suddenly aligned. On the page was a political cartoon that spoke to him on a level he had not yet experienced up to that point. He woke up the next day, stared at himself in the mirror, and spoke the following affirmation: "I WILL be a cartoonist!" Unfortunately, Mr. Mayor didn't have an artistic twig in his body and soon had to abandon that dream as well.  

The citizens of Leafton became worried about Mr. Mayor and decided one year to come together and help him out of the professional rut he was in. Nearly everyone in Leafton gathered at a secret town meeting and after much deliberation agreed that Mr. Mayor would make a fine mayor for their little town. During the local elections the vast majority of Leaftonites wrote in his name, securing for him the popular vote. Mr. Mayor became mayor of Leafton and has been reelected every year since.

To this day he is still unsure of how it happened. 

Snakeroot Grayle

Snakeroot Grayle is a living legend in Knottington—and word of her heroic deeds and unparalleled adventures has spread. It's well known that Obrig Forest has become rife with all varieties of carnivorous plants and other natural hazards. Well, did you know that Snakeroot is the only one to ever enter Obrig Forest and come out the other side in one piece? Did you know she did it alone? And did you know she did it wearing only her underwear? That's what the stories say anyway. But even if the details have been embellished over the years, one thing is for certain: Snakeroot Grayle is a warrior whose skills in combat and survival are unmatched. Even in her retirement, she keeps a silent watch over all of Knottington, and would not hesitate to do whatever was in her power to aid the Woodlings of the realm.


Philichop hails from Cedar Woods and was at one time on a promising path to becoming a high ranking official in the local military. But there was one thing getting in the way: he was too charming. His very presence proved too big a distraction for the other troops and no one in his ranks could concentrate on their duties. Philichop had but to stand up from his chair and a hush would fall over the scene. "Philichop is going to do something," they would whisper to one another. Philichop was never ashamed to admit he relished the attention. However, he was an honorable man who took pride in his post. Were things to continue that way, he understood the ramifications—Cedar Woods would become vulnerable. A strong military excels under great leadership and Philichop was a great leader. But he was simply too handsome. He would be better suited as the leader of a group whose purpose wasn't to protect an entire population from danger. 

After careful deliberation between Philichop and his captain, they agreed that he should retire from the military. He left amicably and they remained on good terms. However, something happened that neither party foresaw. When word got out that Philichop had retired, over a dozen troops left to follow him. He had under his command a sizable group of ex-military toughs ready and willing to answer to his every call. But he had no way to pay any of them and he felt somehow responsible for their livelihoods. He needed to organize. Before the crowd of his starry-eyed admirers, Philichop waved his hand and said, "From this day forward we shall identify as treasure hunters! Mercenaries! Bodyguards! Illustrious! Honorable! We shall be known as the Woodchuck Clan!"

We hope you've enjoyed this new peek inside the world of Lathe & Roguard. When your epic adventure takes you all around Leafton and Knottington, you just never know who you'll run into! 

We Need Your Name!
27 days ago – Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 01:29:40 AM

Hello all, we’re writing to name a request. Our team is currently compiling the game’s credits reel, which will include every single one of you! We’d like each of you to please share how you’d like your name to appear in our Kickstarter Backers Credits. Please post a comment below or feel free to send us a direct message. If you have a screenname you’d like to incorporate, we’d like to strive for the format exemplified below: 

Kevin “West Side Stallion” Kilner
James “Jmoney94” Togger

Please refrain from including any discriminatory or offensive verbiage, as we will not include such in our credits reel. We’re hoping each of you are able to see this update and reply by Monday, March 29. If we have not heard from you by end-of-day on March 29, we will default to using your name as it appears in your Kickstarter profile.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your continued support. We hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Lathe and Roguard in Action
about 2 months ago – Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 05:19:29 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone! This month, we wanted to heat up this cold front by showcasing Lathe and Roguard in action. As you enjoy the sneak peek below, please keep in mind that each glimpse depicts a test area used when testing a move. They do not captivate the final look of the game. Details are also subject to change prior to release. But fear not, a future update will showcase the true, final look of the game in action very soon. So, what are you waiting for? Get a move on and explore Lathe and Roguard in motion!

Roguard's Moves

Punches - Being a ginormous Stoneling, Roguard primarily uses his massive fists to smash his way through Deadwood. Players will be able to coincide timely movements with Roguard's hits in order to amplify impact. Timing and direction will also influence each swing you take, as both will factor into whether your swing lands as a punch or a backhand hit. 

Clap - Roguard releases a powerful shockwave from his hands when he performs a mighty clap. Close-range Deadwood will be outright destroyed by the sheer force of this shockwave. Those that manage to survive will find themselves pushed backward, giving Roguard room to follow up with another move.

Lathe's Weapons

Peashooter - The peashooter is a weapon of Lathe's own making. Though a single shot from this crafty contraption may not be as powerful as other weapons that Lathe contrives along the way, it is reliable and requires no special ammo! The handy-dandy peashooter is always available when an enemy enters Lathe's field of view.  As Lathe travels throughout Knottington, he will also encounter opportunities to customize how his peashooter performs. Want to learn more about the peashooter? Peas be patient ;) More details will be shared soon!

Saw Mauler - A swarm of enemies is heading RIGHT FOR YOU!!!...   O_O   ...You need a saw, or a saw mauler to be more precise. This specialty weapon slices through Deadwood like butter! But be mindful, because specialty weapons require special ammo, and you need to find that ammo first. Similar to the peashooter, you'll come across opportunities to customize this weapon along the way, allowing you to adapt it to your own play style. 


To survive the hordes of Deadwood that will continuously cross your path, you'll need to figure out how to call upon these moves and weapons (along with many others) and utilize every resource harmoniously. Unleash your creativity by implementing these skills to create your own combos and fighting styles. While coordination will be key, it will also be unique to you. So embrace the journey, find your stride and kick some wooden hinds! 

Thank you all for joining us for this update. We're tremendously excited to keep sharing more next month! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 12:40:00 AM

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Steamroller Studios! 

Interview with Lathe and Roguard's Lead Writer, Chris Porter
3 months ago – Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 12:37:58 AM

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